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SCHOKINAG CHIPS for remelting make the processing of chocolate simpler: easy to dose, quick melting, exact tempering.

SCHOKINAG CHIPS for baking into cakes and biscuits as well as CHIPS for decoration are available in sizes of 800 to 22,000 count/kg.

SCHOKINAG CHUNKS are added as inclusions in the Bakery and Biscuit Industries. From small to large chunks, domed, flat and even mixed in dark, milk and white chocolate - just imagine the new possibilities and applications for our chocolate chunks.

Please take the opportunity to look at our standard range of chocolates and chocolate couvertures.

Dark chocolate couverture 73/27/37
Min. 70% cocoa solids. Pronounced bitter chocolate, with a beautifully proportioned harmony and pleasant aftertaste of subtle red fruits.

Dark chocolate couverture 70/30/42
Min. 68% cocoa solids. Bold but well rounded taste. A fluid chocolate couverture. Rich, dark colour. Pleasantly contrasting to very sweet centres. For thin enrobing.

Dark chocolate couverture 63/37/38
Min. 60% cocoa solids. Bitter chocolate with a strong cocoa taste and floral tones. For thick enrobing and moulding applications.

Dark chocolate couverture 60/40/38
Min. 58% cocoa solids. All time favourite among our bitter-sweet range. Classical continental chocolate flavour with multipurpose viscosity. Ideal for enrobing, hand dipping and figure moulding. Your solution to balancing the flavour of your products.

Dark chocolate couverture 55/45/35
Min. 53% cocoa solids. Well-balanced and rounded dark chocolate with a soft bitter chocolate note that will serve all of your needs.

Dark chocolate (bakestable) 52/48/28
Min. 50% cocoa solids. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available from 2,200 to 22,000 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Dark chocolate (bakestable) 46/54/27
Min. 44% cocoa solids. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available from 2,200 to 22,000 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Milk chocolate (bakestable) M 27
Min. 30% cocoa solids. Milk chocolate with a rich cocoa taste. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking. Available in 4000 and 7500 count/kg as well as in chunks.

Milk chocolate VM 35/10
Min. 34% cocoa solids. Creamy chocolate, with a touch of caramel, soft cocoa and a subtle sweetness in a light teak brown colour profile.

Milk chocolate VM 36
Min. 34% cocoa solids. Finest milk chocolate, composed with a pronounced milk profile and a serene cocoa finish.

Milk chocolate VM 38/20
Min. 37% cocoa solids. Rich milk chocolate, with a high cocoa butter and milk content. Smooth texture and perfect rheology. Universal applications: figure and solid moulding as well as enrobing.

White chocolate (bakestable) W29
Intense milk taste with a pleasant bourbon vanilla touch. Low cocoa butter content especially for baking as well as hollow figures, tablets and filled bars. Available in 4000 and 7500/kg and chunks.

White chocolate WP
A balanced harmony of milk and natural vanilla, offering a pleasant sweetness with floral tones. Very good rheology. Ideal for enrobing, figure and solid moulding.

  • Bulk in big bags with 600 kg per big bag
  • Bulk in Schokitainer from 450 to 500 kg per pallet
  • 10 kg bags in Schokitainer with 400 to 480 kg per pallet
  • 10 kg carton with 800 kg per pallet
  • 5 kg bag in a box with 720 kg per pallet
  • 25 kg box with 800-1000 kg per pallet
  • Bakery inclusions
  • Moulding
  • Enrobing
  • Toppings

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