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Chocolate innovation and chocolate taste - a winning combination to provide the desired quality finish and visual appeal of your products.

  • Shavings dark, milk, white, multicoloured, Caramel
  • Forest Shavings dark, milk, white
  • Curls dark, milk, white, multicoloured, Caramel, Strawberry, Orange in various sizes
  • Cigarettes dark, milk, white, duo
  • Fanderol dark, milk, white, duo in various sizes
  • Spaghetti dark, milk, white
  • Microchips 150.000/kg dark, milk, white, Caramel
  • Mixed chips and chunks dark/milk/white

Chunks are available in sizes of 5x5 mm to 10x10 mm length and width and 3-5 mm height.

New innovation on request.

  • Bakery inclusions
  • Decorations
  • Toppings

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